RangeXTD – Outshines Wi-Fi boosters!

RangeXTD – Outshines Wi-Fi boosters!

Nobody wants to lag in a competitive and fastest-growing world. The growing internet community calls for an immediate need for the powerful internet routers and modems. While Wi-Fi is classified as one of the best and powerful internet service devices, they are bonded to work along with the service provider.

The ball is now in the court of your service provider who charges whatsoever seems good to them on the promise of providing the fastest and reliable internet services to you. Sadly, there is nothing called the fastest internet as you never have the same speeds for the whole time!

Wi-Fi boosters have a way for you. Wi-Fi boosters are the electronic devices that amplify the existing Wi-Fi signal and delivers high-speed internet to you. So, all you need to do is buy a Wi-Fi booster for you, synchronize it will your existing router, and leverage the benefits of high-speed internet connection at your place. Now the concern shifts to the issue that what is the best Wi-Fi booster for your place?

Our team has used the leading Wi-Fi boosters and has declared RangeXTD as the emerging winner in all aspects. Let us have a quick check at the features and key points of RangeXTD:

  • Dual operation: Range XTD works as a Wi-Fi booster and as a Wi-Fi extender as well. The dual antennas present in RangeXTD works simultaneously in receiving the signal and then transmitting the amplified signal to larger distances. Thus, RangeXTD is a potential solution for slow speed and dead zones.
  • Easy to use: Unlike other Wi-Fi boosters, RangeXTD is a plug-in and play device. You can connect RangeXTD at any place in your home or office. There are LED signals to indicate the strength of your existing network so that you can choose the best location for RangeXTD. Turn on the power, RangeXTD has a wizard configuration and gets connected to existing Wi-Fi within few seconds only.
  • Cheap: You will never get a Wi-Fi booster and as a Wi-Fi extender at the same price as that of RangeXTD. It is available online and the company offers multiple discounts on the single unit and multiple units of RangeXTD. Additionally, RangeXTD does not add to the monthly internet bills.
  • High-end performance: If you are suffering larger than normal buffering periods, then you need an efficient Wi-Fi booster for you. If you are an internet gamer or serial movie-watcher, nothing is more frustrating than a slow speed internet or dead zones at your place. Get a RangeXTD for you and let its magic double your leisure time.
  • Compact device: RangeXTD does not have tangling wires or larger than the device antennas. It is a sleek and stylish electronic design with robust construction.

RangeXTD score high in terms of durability, usability, versatility, and ease of operation. There is no need to worry about your fluctuating internet speeds when you have this miracle device at your place. Grab a RangeXTD for you or a gift to your tech-savvy friend!